About Us

At Bonita Homes, we take pride in our available rental properties, and we are committed to providing our tenants with practical, efficient, and affordable living space. Our goal is to exceed our tenants' expectations by providing a comfortable living environment and helpful service, and we strive to build long-term relationships with you.

We take care of our Tenants

We believe in reciprocity. We take care of our tenants and our tenants take care of us. Every function that a Landlord provides is enhanced if the primary focus is the tenant. We recognize that the asset in any residential real estate property is not simply the home, but our tenants.

In good leasing markets, many Landlords take their tenants for granted. In contrast, we consistently take better care of our tenants than any of our competition, in good times and bad.

We expect the same in return

In return for all our efforts, we expect our tenants to pay the rent on time, to maintain the premises in good condition and to communicate openly with the Landlord and its agents, at all times.

For those Tenants who show us responsibility, we go the extra mile to make sure their living needs are met with Bonita Homes!

Contact Us

If you have questions about our homes or the application process, please call 903.702.5199.